Build a Markdown-based Blog with Spring Boot — Part 1

Build a Markdown Blog with Spring Boot Part 1

Generating Project

Just like how every fun Spring Boot adventure begins, go to (Spring Initializr) and configure our project.

Spring Initializr configuration

Opening the project

Once the .zip file has been extracted, the project can be imported into the IDE.

Opening the project with IntelliJ IDEA
Directory structure in IntelliJ IDEA

Defining entities

Our blog needs two entities — posts and authors.

Entity-Relationship Diagram for the two entities
Entity-Relationship Diagram

Defining POJOs

The Plain Old Java Object (POJO) definitions for the entities are as described below.

Post entity POJO
Author entity POJO
LocalDateTimeConverter class


I will end things at this much for now. We will continue the project from the next part of this series.



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